Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manage eProductivity Projects & Actions on your iPhone and Android

I've been working with Eric Mack at eProductivity to develop a version of ITANA that will allow you to see all of your eProductivity Tasks and Reference database entries from your iPhone or Android device. This is just preliminary work for basic functionality like creating, viewing, and deleting Tasks and Reference entries. You can also view attachments as well.

What will you need to try this on your iPhone or Android device?

First, you will need to be an existing eProductivity customer and you will need to sign up for the beta program so that you can download the latest beta version of eProductivity. ( Contact eProductivity for details). Once you have eProductivity Professional or higher installed and running, you can add ITANA to the mix. You will need the latest version of ITANA, if you have an older version and you would like to upgrade, just drop me an email and i will send it to you right away. When you have both applications configured have will you be able to see the new functionality.

I am very excited to see where this goes. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Announcing mAddressBook for Android devices and iPhones

mAddressBook is a mobile web application that allows users to get contact information out of the Domino Directory or a Notes CRM database.

It is great for users who have an iPhone or Android phone to have the ability to touch an icon beside a users name and have the phone dial that number. It also gives a touch to email link. On the iPhone you can map directions to the office location using the Google Maps application. It is simple to connect to your Notes CRM database to get that information mobile as well.

You can find out more at http://hughesconnect.com