Friday, January 23, 2009

How to add EXT And EXT.ND to an XPAGE

I like to build forms and layouts in xpages, i like picklist and advanced funtionality of extnd, here is a screen shot of a ext.nd picklist on an xpage, the best of both worlds? I am testing to see how well i can use these togeather.

To get the ext libraries and other goodies on the xpage a create a custom control with a computed field with the type set to html.

Put in the html to load ext and extnd as a computed value like

Then create another custom control the exact same way and put your picklist code in it.

Put these at the top of the xpage as controls.

Create a button on the page and make the name( id) What you need it to be in your extnd code. like "show-dialog-btn1", but realize in the dom it will show like "view:_id1:tabPanel2:show-dialog-btn1" so in extnd code put it in like this

// for button 1, this is an example of how to attach to click event through Javasciprt
showBtn = Ext.get('view:_id1:tabPanel2:show-dialog-btn1');
showBtn.on('click', this.showPL, this);

Using firebug in firefox makes it simple to find what these items are called, so then you can set your fields values based on what you return from the picklist.

Any ideas on how to do this better? I just started trying to use xpages yesterday, so there may be better ways of doing some of this stuff.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone know how to set security on an xpage?

Is the security set on the notes form / view? Are there anything like readers and authors fields?

I have an application with two forms, both forms need to be able to be read by anonymous, 1 form only created by group A and the other form only created by group B. I have set form security that way but both groups can create both forms through the xpage!

Any help is appreciated. What am i missing? I have done searches for xpages and security and xpages and acl to no avail.

Monday, January 12, 2009

To Whom Ever created the Domino Configuration Tuner

Thank You!!

This tool saves me so much time and gives me suggestions on settings i had no idea existed.

And the UI is awesome!

I found names , thanks Ulrich

Taken from this link

Extended Team

DCT got out-the-door because of wonderful contributions from the following team mates. Thank you.

Amy Reuss Caton, Andrew Eisenberg, Andrew Nolet, Ann Innis, Ayla Lari, Ben Pontrello, Bill Hume, Bob Balaban, Bob Schloss, Bob Stachel, Brent Davis, Brian Arnett, Brian Gallagher, Brian Richards, Brian Van Schaick, Carolynn McCarthy, Chad Scott, Collin Murray, Constance Martin-Wilson, Dan Rosato, Dave Davidson, David Attardo, David Kern, David Ogle, Debra B Thomas, Dominique Evans, Don Chamberlin, Ed Brill, Ed Knowlton, Eric Thibodeau, Gail Hughes, Gary Rheaume, George Demetriou, Ghislain Busque, Gilles Carrier, Greg Pflaum, Harry Murray, Ignacio Gende, Ilene Seelemann, James Cooper, Janet Thomas, Jason LaVoie, Jeff Eisen, Jeff Mitchell, Jennifer Kelley, Jenny Szawlewicz, Jerome Simeon, Jim Kirkpatrick, Jim Puckett, Jim Rouleau, Joanna Dapkevich, Joe Malek, John Curtis, John Paganetti, John Roman, John Woods, Julie Kadashevich, Kar Chung, Katherine Holden, Kathie Collins, Kathleen Henault, Kathleen Smith, Ken Brunsen, Ken Hampson, Ken Lin, Kevin Cavanaugh, Kristin Keene, Leah Busque, Leanne Newton, Leslie Steele, LotusLarry Mancini, Maher Samman, Margaret Rora, Mark Costello, Mark Skurla, Mary Jrolf, Mary Pagucci, Melissa A Klein, Melora Goosey, Meredith Roman, Merrill Kashiwabara, Michael Fraenkel, Michele Franklin, Mike Barcomb, Mike Gagnon, Mike Kerrigan, Murray Hurvitz, Neil Graham, Nirmala Venkatraman, Paul Dell'Anno, Peter Mierswa, Peter Rubinstein, Philip Fratini, Pietro Torchia, Raj Patil, Ralph LeBlanc, Razeyah Stephen, Rich Buck, Rich Epstein, Rob Gearhart, Robert Bishop, Robert Ingram, Robert McDonald, Russ Holden, Sam McNulty, Scott Boag, Scott Hopper, Scott Davidson, Scott Morris, Scott Puls, Scott Vrusho, Sharon Adler, Silvia S Pighin, Steve Gerdt, Steve Watts, Sudhakar Gaddam, Sumeet Toprani, Susan Bulloch, Susan Ricercato, Tim Southgate, Todd Flolo, Tracey Nolander, Varad M Rajulu, Vinod Seraphin, Vittorio de Gioia, William Whelan

Core Development Team

These are the folks that did the heavy lifting.

Amy "Word" Smith
Art "Here to Help" Thomas
Brian "I can do that for you" Arffa
Greg "Ironman of Automation" Grunwald
Harry "This is Fun" Peebles
Irene "Coding Gorilla" Ros
Keith "Island Man" LaMotte
Margaret "Elvis" Flood
Paul "Poolside" Roberge
Robert "The Very Best Chip Ever" Carter
Scott "Bring Six Up" O'Keefe
Thomas "Mr. Perfect" Gumz
William "The New Guy" Cahill

A Tip for GZIP in 8.5

If you have your files in a database you need to mark the MIME type for the gzip to work correctly.

An Example, without adding "application" the code sent to the browser was still gzipped.