Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone know how to set security on an xpage?

Is the security set on the notes form / view? Are there anything like readers and authors fields?

I have an application with two forms, both forms need to be able to be read by anonymous, 1 form only created by group A and the other form only created by group B. I have set form security that way but both groups can create both forms through the xpage!

Any help is appreciated. What am i missing? I have done searches for xpages and security and xpages and acl to no avail.


Anonymous said...

Security on a XPages Web App is no different to that on what we now call a classic Domino Web App.
On XPages there is added document level security through using the 'acl' property on a Panel for example. Go to the 'All Properties' tab on the Properties view and that acl property will be there under 'data'.
Play around with it to suit your needs and if things don't work out get on the Notes 85 Forum -

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