Friday, February 20, 2009

Xpages, hide whens formulas, and user roles

I needed to hide a button and since you cant simply put in @isnotmember("[Admin]";@userroles)
i had to find a different way to find out if the user was a member of that role, here is what i came up with.

//get the database
db1 = session.getDatabase("server1","database.nsf")

//get the acl
acl1 = db1.getACL()

//get the current users access
personalentry = acl1.getEntry(session.getEffectiveUserName())

//check if role is enabled

this will return a true or false and calculate the hide when


John Mackey said...

Hi Mark,

Your approach is probably shorter, but I wanted to point out another way to access roles that might be useful:

there is a DirectoryUser object that can provide the roles for a user. Here's an example:

var roles = context.getUser().getRoles().toArray();

Then you can loop through the array or use @IsMember to check if the role exists for the user.


Tim Tripcony said...

Another issue with .isRoleEnabled is that this only supports users listed explicitly in the ACL. In addition to John's approach, here's what I've been using:


Since .queryAccessRoles returns a vector, there's no need to loop through an array; you can just chain .contains and pass it the role name you're validating.

Tim Tripcony said...

Looks like the CSS cut off the end of the code example:


Mark Hughes said...

Changed theme for better css

John Mackey said...

@Tim, very cool. So, since getRoles() returns a java.util.List, I can just use the contains() also. Such as:


Tim Tripcony said...

@John, I like yours better... it's shorter. :)

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