Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Lotus Knows video, Please comment on what can make it better!


belgort said...

Mark great job! I am sending you some constructive comments via email.

Bill Greenberg - Good Computer Guy said...

Nice job with ALL your Notes/Xpages/iPhone integration. I really need to start getting into that stuff. Are you planning on putting anything on OpenNTF? So far all I've done is some fun stuff with a Notes for iPhone theme:
:) (sorry, don't mean to threadjack your blog.)

Mark Hughes said...

Take a look at

It is still in development, but you will get a sense of what i am working towards.

Ian Randall said...

Mark, it looks great, but the video could be improved by including a brief comment about the value or benefits of this capability.

For example, How much time or money did this capability save you?

Most people buy for value or benefits not features.

John Lindsay said...

Looks great Mark.

From a purely practical viewing perspective, after the "To-Do" shot perhaps you could zoom in and cut off the top and bottom of the iPhone so the page and what is going on in the iPhone screen is more visible at smaller frame viewing sizes. There is a lot of dead space around the iPhone which could be used better.

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