Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions?: Want to use Safari as default browser for enterprise

It has been noticed by management lately that IE is a horrible browser, i have known this for a long time. It is big, it is slow, and it does not support many web standards. Since we might start standardizing on the iPhone as the business phone over the blackberry, the thought occurred to use Safari 4 as the default browser in our company, otherwise maybe FF35 would be just as good or better.

A couple of questions that maybe only the enterprise would care about.

1. Can you set the update software to poll an internal server for the Safari Updates? So every client does not go to the internet to get the new downloads.

2. Can you set policies to control custom settings or setup options?

3. Does Lotus support Safari for inotes?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide

Update: It appears there is an Apple Software Update Server that can be run on a mac mini that will update even the windows machines apple software.


Tony Frazier said...

Can't answer 1 or 2, but interested in these as well. For 3, yes iNotes is supported on Safari, see

Jon said...

I don't believe any browsers other than IE are supported for Microsoft Group Policies, or Updates.

You might be able to figure out how to do this programmatically but I would think it would be a hassle.

I'd suggest updating to IE8 before Safari, not that Safari isn't a better browser (In my opinion it is) but in the corporate environment, you need to be able to control browsers across the network.

IE8 is better, not great but better, but at least it supports corporate policies.

Mark Hughes said...

@Jon Xpages run about 10 times faster in speed test on Safari compared to IE8, and that is a hassle to listen to users complain about all the web apps and how slow they are. Plus css 3 makes them look so much better!

Mike McP said...

I think you might find better support for FF due to a larger installed base and plug-in opportunities. Just MHO...

Anonymous said...

It is a great opportunity to standardize (if you are going iPhone) and it's faster.
But, in the corporate world IE is slow and efective.

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