Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPad & X-Pages, a very early preview of ITANA on an iPad

Here is a very early preview of ITANA on an iPad, and yes i know i don't yet have the dimensions perfect yet. If i actually owned an iPad it would be easier ;-), but for now the simulator will have to work.

Once i am finished, i will publish an iPad template like i did for the iPhone, that should allow you to just add you data sources and go.

I need to finish ui touch ups and get some better transitions, and tweek a few things. Please feel free to leave your comments on what would make it better, thanks

New transitions!(for those who did not like the fade in fade out)


Anonymous said...

nice fade in/fade out. NOT

Mark Hughes said...

@1 I am working on removing those fade-in and outs, they are left over from another app that I started this one from.

Mark Hughes said...

So i added new transitions, what else can make it look better?

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