Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you want to take your Xpage applications offline? Please help me get Xpage support in DOLS

Would you like to take your xpages offline, easily, while keeping the domino security model intact?  And when the user connects back online it would replicate back to the server?

I know you can do this with the notes client today, but why should you have to install a Notes client and have all the GUI options available to users if you are trying to only deploy a single application?  ISV's and some other companies need this option so that they can deploy applications to partners or customers as needed without having to setup and support a notes client install.

 If you would like to see feature implemented, please contact Peter undescore Janzen at us.ibm.com.  ALso post your business case in the comments as well.

Also vote on the idea jam below.

Thanks for your help!!


Anonymous said...

Seen that in a lab somewhere a year ago. Heavy download much bigger than dols -- but better replication

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