Monday, December 22, 2008

How To: Use The "Web Desktop" from EXT in a Lotus Domino enviroment

The web desktop example used in EXT is a powerful example of what can be done rather quickly with the EXT framework. Since, i wanted to manage this site with Notes, and wanted all the resources in a notes database, i chose to use the EXTND database to hold these files for convenience.

You must have EXT either in a directory, or by using the EXT.ND database, which is my preference.

First download the full EXT code, in it you will find an examples folder. In this folder is a folder named desktop. Open domino designer, open the database you want to house these in and select import files. Import all the files, make sure you retain their relative paths that you find in the folder.

You do not have to import the desktop.html file though, i use the code from this file in a Notes page, that way i can compute values and do other things that Notes does well that is hard to do in html.

Create your page or form in Lotus Notes, copy and paste the body HTML from the desktop.html. If you are using EXT.ND put your header information in the HTML Head Content area on the page.

You also need to include the header information for the desktop application like this

Save and close the page, Open it up in a web browser and you will have your web desktop example running on your server.

In my next post i will detail how to customize the links and icons/navigation in this example.


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