Friday, December 19, 2008

A web portal example with EXT.ND and Web Desktop from EXT Samples running completely on Domino

A while back i was tasked with creating a web portal for our employees, i looked around quite a bit to find something that i thought was innovative and different. At the time i had already found EXT.ND, and i was very impressed. I had built a couple of applications with it, and it was simple to use. I went to the EXT website and found the web desktop example, i realized it was the perfect gui to use for my new project.

Here is what i came up with..

This is a web page that is running on a domino server, and all elements are contained in notes databases!

I like the windows like gui in the browser, you can have multiple windows open at a time all on one web browser tab. You can minimize, maximize, and size these windows to your hearts content. They can be an ext.nd application or any web page in in iFrame. One of the best things about the web desktop is users dont need to be trained to use it.


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